Welcome to TzviTwersky.com, the only place where I'm CEO, Publisher and E-I-C.

In short, the purpose of this site is to have a place where people can get to know me—and my writing—filter-free. To do this, the site contains a succinct bio of my so-called life, as well as links (and PDFs) to my published works. Aside from that, TzviTwersky.com will also host my first non-work mandated blog. Depending on how life's treating me, I'll be blogging about books (I buy way too many), music (I download way too much), mundane happenings (I'm all about 'em), pop culture (I dominate the watercooler), sports (I'll play or watch almost anything), video games (I've been playing Grand Theft Auto since before it was Grand) and whatever else my brain and fingertips can agree on. Videocamera and camera allowing, I'll also post some random clips and photos.

I welcome feedback and inquiries. So if anything at TzviTwersky.com tickles your fancy, or if you want to contact me for any other reason, feel free to hit me at Tzvi.Twersky(AT)gmail(DOT)com. I'll do my best to write back as quick as Chris Johnson turns the corner.


With a nod to Jay: Thanks for coming out tonight.

You could have been anywhere in the world, but you're here with me.

I appreciate that,

Tzvi Twersky